Ageless Journey: 5 Tips to Aging with Grace

Old couple running on the sand. Want to stay active when you are old? Keys to aging with grace.

Desire to lead a vibrant and energetic life in your golden years? Don’t let age become a hindrance to your fun! The sight of the stereotypical senior citizen, hunched over with a walker and struggling down the street, might be all too familiar. It looks uncomfortable and painful! None of us want to envision ourselves […]

TMI or TMJ problems? How to identify & Relive Jaw Pain

TMJ problems in Chelan Washington.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO EAT WITHOUT MOVING YOUR JAW? If you have ever experienced jaw pain, you know this feat is difficult to impossible! Jaw pain is frustrating to say the least. Popping pain pills seems to bring the only relief….But what if you could fix the pain by addressing the underlying problem? WHAT IS […]

Tax season got you STRESSED?

It’s tax season which means stress can be at an all time high with finances. It’s especially important this time of year with the flu…

Wookie Mistake: Waiting for Pain

We have all been there. Five hours 15 seconds into the Star Wars movie marathon and 6 cans of your favorite caffeinated beverage later.