Tiered and frustrated from frequent unrelenting headaches? If you have been experiencing headaches, you know inconvenient and debilitating painful they are. The average American has 1-2/year so if you are having more than this keep reading.  

Many people think that the headache pain is the problem. In reality, headache pain is just symptom, a cry for help from your body trying to tell you there is an underlying problem that need fixing. If you can identify that root cause, you can give the body what it needs to start healing and repairing.  Maybe you are tired of taking Anti-inflammatory drugs. These can help temporarily to decrease inflammation and pain but do they fix the underlying cause and at what cost with all their negative side effects.   First we will talk about the types of headaches and then how you can get rid of them.

There are many different types of headaches. The 3 most common are Tension Type, Migraine, and Cluster headaches.

 Usually feels like an achy or dull sensation and can cause neck, head, and upper shoulder tenderness. Major causes of these headaches are from stress causing nerve pressure from subluxated (mis-aligned) neck bones along with tense muscles or trigger points in the back of the neck. These typically start on both sides of the back of the neck and can radiate pain forward on the head or down the back of the neck.

Migraine headaches

 These types of headaches are classically only on one side, causing sever, deep and pulsing pain and pressure in the head. Visual disturbances such as floaters or auras are common along with light and sound sensitivity. One in five people experience auras before the headache starts. Auras can cause you to experience visual blind spots, stars, shimmering lights, flashing lights, or zig zag lines. Some people get nausea and vomiting with this type as well. Migraines can last hours to days if they are not caught soon enough.

Some common causes of migraines include stress and environmental factors such as dehydration, certain foods, skipped meals, sleep disruption and contact with specific chemicals.

Cluster headaches

 This type feels like a sever piercing and burning pain. They are typically found behind one eye or one side of the face and can cause redness, sweating, flushing, or swelling on the affected side.  As the name describes, they happen in clusters (1-4 on average) lasting anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours and occurring usually at specific time each day. This type is more common in men where as migraines are typically more common in women.

Doctors are unsure of the major causes of this type of headache so it is important to find a doctor who will give you a more wholistic approach, looking at the whole body to determine what is wrong.

Secondary Headache Types

Other secondary headache types include hormone headaches, allergy or sinus headaches, caffeine headaches, hypertension headaches, exertion headaches, and post-traumatic headaches.

Headache Relief

Identifying your type of is the first step. This can be difficult if you are untrained in what to look for. Getting evaluated by a doctor who knows how to take a detailed history and exam focused on determining the root cause of the headache is vital. There are many underlying root causes of headaches with common pain mapping patterns:

  • Gallbladder issues (typically on R side of face)
  • Hormonal issues (presents both sides of temples)
  • Thyroid issues (suboccipital region)
  • Pituitary issues (between the eyes)
  • Stomach issues (top or left side of the head)
  • Colon issues (top of the head)

The reason Dr. Nate at Living Well Family Chiropractic has so much success providing patient headache relief is he uses specific muscle testing techniques and protocols to help identify the root cause of your pain. Check out what our patients are saying! If you are ready to get solutions and relief, give us a call at 360-787-6381.

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★★★★★ Dr. Nate is truly a gifted physician. I have been to chiropractors before and I can tell you that Nate brings more to the table than just a quick adjustment with short term benefits. Nate incorporates his knowledge of conventional muscle testing, Applied Kinesiology, and healthy dietary habits into his sessions alongside any adjustments made. This holistic approach has been hugely beneficial to my overall health. His work has relieved my headaches, eliminated my back pain, and improved my gastrointestinal health. I couldn't be happier with the results!
Reese Hendricson
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