Welcoming Our New Chiropractic Doctor!
A BitterSweet Change… It all happened about 4 months ago at 5:30am. I was downstairs doing my morning reading when
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Just say NO! There are lots of cheaper short term “band aids” to help with pain. However; are they actually
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Why Chiropractic Care Can Help after a Slip & Fall Accident
Slip and fall accidents can be traumatic. Emotional stress can arise simply fromdealing with the logistics of the situation, including
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Tax season got you STRESSED?
3 quick tips to De-Stress today!It's tax season which means stress can be at an all time high with finances.
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Want to Feel Super? 10 Ways to Fight Stress
"It's TEST time baby, let’s go!"  Remember the good old days when STRESSing out about taking your driver's test &
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Want to feel GREAT when your old? 5 TIPS TO STAYING HEALTHY
Want to feel GREAT when your old?  Don't let age stop you from having fun! Too often I walk down
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TMI or TMJ problems? How to identify & Relive Jaw Pain
Have you ever tried to talk or eat without moving your jaw?If you have or have ever had jaw pain,
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“Losing your Mind?!” – 7 Steps to Stop Alzheimer’s & Dementia
“WHERE DID I PUT MY KEYS? I JUST PUT THEM DOWN!?"  SOUND FAMILIAR?The ability to think and remember is one
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