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Lisa Griffith reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

As a holistic veterinarian who believes that we cannot isolate one system from another in treatment, and that nutrition is absolutely key to good health, I think that Nathan Moller is one of the most thorough health care providers I have interacted with. I have been under chiropractic care for 15 years, and have received good care from my long time chiropractor, but Nathan offers a much more comprehensive approach. I feel like a traitor going to him, but I have seen better results in my son from him over our other doc in a much shorter time. He deals with not only the spinal skeleton, but all of the interrelated systems as well. He is thorough and has one of the best “bedside” manners of any healthcare provider I have come in contact with. 


Mark S. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate has treated me twice for old neck/back problems that keep surfacing in my day-to-day living. He is a very polite and a knowledgeable professional in his assessment and treatment plans. What really impressed me, Dr. Nate continually tests and assesses the body part being treated and will make fine-tuned adjustments to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.  I definitely experienced increased mobility and pain reduction in my neck and low back in my first two visits. Dr. Nate seems to advance my treatment success another notch above other practioners.

Anthony Bonser reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Best Chiropractic Clinic in Battleground Wa, Nathan is much more than a normal Chiropractor, he actually has improved my overall health, he has taught me that what I eat matters on improving my health. My knee, shoulders, and back all improving. I have lost almost 30 pounds in the 5 weeks I’ve seen him. 

Brook Salmi reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Yesterday was my first visit with Dr. Nate. I’m 33 weeks pregnant & have been dealing with lower back pain. After just one adjustment, I could feel the difference & today I woke up completely pain-free, for the first time in a couple months! I would definitely recommend Dr. Nate to any expecting mothers.

Kendra L. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is really thorough in making sure he treats the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. He gives each patient time and consideration. When I had horrible neck pain, he called me even tho they weren’t open to schedule an appointment the following morning. Definitely recommend this chiropractor to anyone who wants an understanding and intelligent doctor.

Jessica H. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I have appreciated Dr. Nate’s kind, knowledgeable and personable care.  I will be recommending him and going back again!

Holly C. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

He took great care and spent the right amount of time needed to ask the right questions. I felt a difference the very next day!!!

Lacey F. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I brought my daughter (age 7) in to see Dr. Nathan for some neck pain issues. He made her feel very comfortable. After our first appointment she couldn’t wait to go back. She has gone 3 times now and has mobility again and hardly any remaining pain. He was able to locate the root of the issue very quickly. I am so glad we knew he was here in town!

Silba R. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate was wonderful to work with- he was interested in helping me figure out why I was experiencing pain, instead of just treating my symptoms. I appreciate the holistic approach he takes with is patients.  Dr. Nate followed up with our conversations as well- with a phone call. Thank you, Dr. Nate

Kerry F. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate has been helping with with an old running injury that I need help with. He has been very professional and has a really detailed  way of explaining what exactly I need to do to heal. He is very honest and forthcoming on the treatment plan for my specific injury. I would highly recommend him for any type of sports injury issue. He also has been very thorough in explaining how and why the rest of my body affects my injury and in explaining to me what exactly I need to do to get back to some healthy running again!

Jeanene R. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr Nate is working with me keeping my body moving.Because of him I can continue going to the gym for workouts. He spends the time going over the areas that need work and explaining what he’s going to do to help you. I’m new to Washington and am glad that the first chiropractor I found is the I’m going to continue to see for treatments.

Jamie Young reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr Nate was very helpful in relieving my symptoms and I appreciate his holistic natural approach to overall well-being.

Jason B. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Moller is extremely thorough and focuses not only on core chiropractic but also applied kinesiology too. My left hip was incredibly painful to the point I could barely walk a few days ago. That pain has gotten better, but I’ve still been feeling a lot of tightness in my lower back, so I decided to go in. He didn’t merely treat one issue in isolation, but he checked over everything to identify what was causing the hip and lower back pain. Overall, a very positive experience and my back is already feeling much better!

Kendra L. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is really thorough in making sure he treats the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. When I had horrible neck pain, he called me (even tho they weren’t open) to schedule an appointment the following morning. Definitely recommend this chiropractor to anyone who wants an understanding and intelligent doctor.

Roslyn Gannis reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is wonderful. This clinic is the second chiropractor I had been to, and the differences between the two are wonderful. After my initial evaluation, Dr. Nate made it clear that he wanted to do more than just fix what was “off” in my back, but promoted and encouraged a more holistic approach to encourage my body to heal itself. (The other office simply gave me a few exercises to do after making adjustments and sent me home) I would highly recommend Dr. Nate because he is more than happy to explain how everything in human body is connected, while also leaving it up to you as the patient to decide how far you want to pursue your personal wellness. I’m bummed I left the area soon after just starting on a better path to wellness, but I feel equipped by the foundations he set up.

Katrina C. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I will never go anywhere else. My first visit and I’m already feeling better. I can’t thank Dr.Nate enough

Brian M. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Nathan is amazing, he really knows what he’s doing!

Its the day after my first visit and I can feel a huge difference! Ive been in a lot of pain since February, being reduced to moving at a snails pace, its so very nice to get my mobility back.

People, you do not have to deal with the pain, his rates are very affordable, love the $40.00 first time visit to boot!

Give him a try, this man is gifted!

Brandon W. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I am so thankful that I found a awesome, local chiropractor that truly cares about my overall health and is not just interested in adjusting me real quick and sending me on my way! Nate truly looks at all the body systems to see what the ROOT  of the issue/pain is and how to relieve that symptom in the right way so it doesn’t return!! It’s so wonderful to know such a diversified and knowledgeable chiropractor that can address such a wide variety of symptoms!! I definitely recommend Living Well Family Chiropractic to anyone and everyone!!

Dr. David Young, N.D., PSc.D Reviewed living well family chiropractic — ★★★★★

I began practicing medicine since Nate was two years old. One could say I have been “around the block a few times.” Matter of fact, spinal manipulation is one of my specialties as a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.).  As an N.D., my practice involves a wide array of all natural medicine modalities, so I only adjust spines when needed. Since Chiropractors (D.C.s) devout the majority of their practice to spinal adjustments, I usually like to refer my patients to a D.C. when appropriate because they adjust spines all the time and should have an edge over my spinal adjustment techniques. Until now I have only found one Chiropractor I really admired; unfortunately she has moved. Introduce Doctor Nathan Moller, D.C.. His clinic is only tow doors away from my clinic. I have adopted Nate as my personal Chiropractor for a good reason. His adjustment techniques are excellent. I admire his abilities. The tendency of the majority of D.C.s I have known over the years is to hurry up and “pop” as many patients as possible in an hour; trying to see one patient every three to five minutes. No time to talk, just hurry up and move on the the next patient. Dr. Nate is not like this. He actually cares enough to spend whatever amount of time is necessary to do the job correctly. I highly recommend Doctor Nathan Moller, D.C., and will continue to send my patients in need of his services to his office. 

Dr. David G. Young, N.D., PSc.D   (360) 687-3340


This guy is good! He knows his trade and with one visit was able to educate me about my injuries and had me walking with far less pain after the first visit.

Dr. Adam H. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I was treated by Dr. Moller while attending UWS chiropractic school. Not only is he caring and attentive to the needs of his patients, his treatment gave me more pain-free days than I have ever experienced with other chiropractic treatment. I was able to over-perform with my lower body workout that same evening and not once felt the pain in my lower back or hip. He has knowledge above and beyond the average chiropractor! I will be recommending Dr. Moller to everyone in the Vancouver and Portland area.

LaNelle G. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Crazy as it may sound, I am thankful for the car accident I was in. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. We had been searching for a chiropractor that fit our family for 9 years now. Through this journey we were blessed with some very competent professionals, yet none that had the “recipe” we were looking for. As often as our busy lives allowed we would travel to Austin to get the care we were used to. What joy it was to meet Dr Nate…kind, knowledgeable, holistic, sunny disposition, inviting sincere smile, great listener, down to earth, spiritual man.
Our youngest child walked out of his office after her first visit, all smiles, and said: “He reminds me of our Chiropractor in Austin!” 
Needless to say our search here is over. He has the gift and uses it well. Praise Abba!

Holly Grote reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic— ★★★★★

Dr. Nate has been wonderful. He has helped my daughter get some relief from her TMJ. We are continuing to see him weekly and she keeps improving after every visit. Also, my husband injured his knee and was in pain for quite some time until he went in for a visit. Dr. Nate is interested in actually fixing the problem not just putting a band aid on it. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. What a blessing to find him. 

Karen H. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I received great care from Dr. Nate. He is very thorough and explains things well. I went to see him for shoulder pain. Not only did my shoulder improve, but he gave me some simple exercises to make it stronger. 

Angela Beach-Heart reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr Nate is great! He is really skilled in his practice. As some one who is a body worker and as seen many chiropractors over the years, there are not many people I trust to adjust me any more. (I have had some bad experiences with others that have left me in more pain). But Nate is gentle and kind and I definitely trust him, especially when my body hurts. I also feel comfortable sending my pregnant clients to him as well as their babies. Everyone I have sent his way has nothing but wonderful things to say about him.


Dr. Nate is truly a gifted physician. I have been to chiropractors before and I can tell you that Nate brings more to the table than just a quick adjustment with short term benefits.  Nate incorporates his knowledge of conventional muscle testing, Applied Kinesiology, and healthy dietary habits into his sessions alongside any adjustments made.  This holistic approach has been hugely beneficial to my overall health.  His work has relieved my headaches, eliminated my back pain, and improved my gastrointestinal health.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Jessica ditto reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I have been friends with Dr Nates sister for years, I trust her a lot and she told me about going to see him. Going to a Chiropractor is a very vulnerable thing to do, they crack your body into place and I would have the fear of ending up worse off than before I went in.  Dr Nate is very good at what he does. He takes his time to be very thorough with his patients.  He is very enthusiastic about his patients getting better. 

My back was so out of alignment that I was experiencing vertigo and more anxiety than usual. I wasn’t motivated to exercise because my body hurt so bad after work and exhausted from trying to stay standing. After his adjustments I haven’t had vertigo symptoms, I have more energy to do things, I feel stronger, reduced stress/anxiety which is life changing.  I believe Dr Nate does what he does because he believes in helping people and making their lives better. 

If you have ever had an accident of any kind, have a desk job like me where your body gets stiff from being stuck in a position all day or just are really into being fit and want to optimize the alignment of your body, go see Dr Nate! If you were going to race a bike or car it would be important that you keep everything fine tuned and aligned, the same is true of our bodies.  

Levi O. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★   

Dr. Nathan Moller rocks. He is very relational, his passion is to help and to fix you. I have issues with my gut, sometimes I don’t even have the energy or strength to work. But Dr. Moller fixes me up! I have been to a regular Dr. And three natural paths and none of them have helped me like Dr. Nate.   

Autum S.  reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is an amazing chiropractor. He is so gentle, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I have burned through half a dozen chiropractors in the last 10 years searching for one that works like this doctor. We look forward to further care through muscle testing with him also. I used to have debilitating migraines multiple times per week and now they are all but gone in just a few visits. I have not felt so well and clear from a fog in sooo many years. I could go on and on about how great his work is but if you have any pain or chronic health issues it’s really worth your time to see him and find out for yourself. We will never see any other chiropractor. He is the one for our family. 

Krystle R. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I’d definitely recommend Dr. Nate! He helped with my alignment during pregnancy, and I plan to resume appointments with him now that I am no longer pregnant.

CATHY W. reviewed living well family chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is a confident, caring chiropractor in Battle Ground. I have seen many. He takes time to listen, is gentle and will advise use of other medical disciplines if he thinks they will help. How refreshing!!!

Carli K. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic— ★★★★★

I have been visiting Dr. Nate on a weekly basis for the past 6 months and his adjustments have proved reliable. As a mother of two kids under 3, it is difficult to make medical appointments, but I have found that making my weekly visit to Dr. Nate is well worth the effort. With all the awkward and prolonged lifting with little ones, he helps me stay aligned and provides easy exercises to help avoid extra strain. He even adjusts my baby. One time my husband’s back was so out of whack that he could not drive to the office, so Dr. Nate brought is portable table to our house and adjusted my husband in our living room.

Couple of my favorite things about Dr. Nate is that he listens to my concerns. I also appreciate his holistic approach. Every time I come in he checks my whole body and not just the area of concern. Thanks for being such a caring Doctor.

Justin H. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor. I have seen a handful of chiropractors over the years, and none of them have been as thorough or caring as Dr. Nate. After my first visit it was clear that he genuinely cared about my problems and wanted to see me improve. I have made great progress working with Dr. Nate and would recommend him to anyone in need of a chiropractor!

Aaron Hamilton reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Nathan does a wonderful job! I have been to other chiropractors and he is one of the best! It is very obvious that he loves his job and really cares about his patients and getting them healthy. I would recommend him to anyone!!

Luke Rosen reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Treatment I received on the first appointment was professional, courteous, and welcoming. I intend to return for a follow up visit. 

Olivia Rich reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I have been visiting Dr. Moller since I moved to Battle Ground several months ago. Combining Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology he has been able to address long standing issues that I have not been able to get to the source of until now. I really appreciate that he doesn’t focus on the symptom(s), but spends the time to determine the source of the discomfort. In my experience Dr. Moller has your best interest at heart and I’m very happy I found such a dependable Chiropractor in the area. Olivia Rich


Dr. Nate has improved our families health so much.  He really takes time to look at each of our specific needs. He is so wonderful with my young children and I appreciate his ability to help us avoid less natural methods to treat our ailments.  After one particularly terrible bout of teething with my 1yo, he adjusted her and she was the happiest she had been in over 6 days.  He looks at each of us as a whole person and not just our spine!

Brooke B. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is extremely thorough when evaluating what’s wrong. I appreciated his specificity when it came to adjustments; he did not just treat randomly but got to the root of what was wrong. He is thoughtful as well. After my first visit he called to check in on my progress – it is always encouraging to have a doctor actually follow up and check in with patients afterwards to make sure they are doing well. I recommend him for general complaints as well as chronic complaints. His approach is one that brings about healing as well as relief.

Luke Wall reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

I visited Dr. Moller for shoulder pain that I endured for years. After one visit my shoulder has nearly been pain free for three+ months. He loves what he does and cares about his patients. Takes the time to listen to you and provide the most holistic solution!

Natalie Steen reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

Dr Nate is terrific!  He has a unique style that is very thorough, kind, personable, and treats the whole person, not just the symptom.  He has a deep understanding of all of the factors that play a role in wellness, including emotional components and nutrition.  He was not at all rushed, and I felt very cared for. Thank you Dr Nate.  

Lonnie smith reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

I was looking for a holistic chiropractor whose passion it is to address systems in the body for ultimate healing and wellbeing. Dr. Nate is dedicated and skilled at just that! If what you’re looking to find answers and solutions not medicating your symptoms, you’ll find Dr. Nate, at Living Well Chiropractic a detailed, knowledgeable practitioner who will help restore longterm health and healing.

Barbara Hogan reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

I had almost constant pain in my lower left back, especially at night. It is so improved, I do not have any pain at night anymore. I see Dr. Nate every other week and he has also improved my neck movements. I was used to turning my whole upper half to look behind me, because my neck was so stiff, after a view visits it has loosened up considerably. I would recommend him for any chiropractic care.

Ashley H. reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

Dr. Nate has proved to be our favorite chiropractor in the area.  He made time to adjust our 16 month LO when she had an ear infection, making her as comfortable as possible.  He even used a little soft lamb to have her hold and use to explain/teach what he would be doing. Dr. Nate very knowledgable, offering up alternatives treatment options for follow up as well.  He is truly there for each individual and pours his heart out into bettering people’s lives.  We were recommended by a friend… now I am recommending to all of my friends.

Miriah Ostlund reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

I cannot say enough about the professional yet friendly culture Dr.Nathan brings to Living Well Family Chiropractic. His unending knowledge and passion for his patients is inspiring. Nathan truly cares for each one of his patients and always strives for nothing short of greatness. As a business professional myself I highly recommend Nathan and his practice. If you are looking for someone who is motivated, knowledgeable, trustworthy and family oriented you came to the right spot!

Vasia Jabim reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

After not seeing a chiropractor for a few years luckily I found Dr Nate. He took the time in the initial appointment to go over all of my concerns. The adjustment helped me on the spot and the  exercises given have helped. I was amazed with a follow up call that night to see how I was doing and remind me to drink more water.

 Carly Jacquot reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic —  ★★★★★

I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Nate through my pregnancy and it has been nothing short of wonderful. I wish I had come to see him earlier! My neck, back and hip pain has greatly improved and continues to get better. I look forward to every visit!

Jennie Stefanski reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

 My first time being adjusted while pregnant, I can’t believe what a relief it was. I am almost 39 weeks and my lower back feels great again. He was gentle and explained everything he was going to do really well so I could relax.

LeeAnn Graff  reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Very warm yet professional. Dr Nate is very knowledgeable in his field yet educates his patients in order to achieve better well-being as a team. I always walk out knowing what my body is doing and quickly healing.

Bob Carlson reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I appreciated Nate’s careful attention to detail and his broader emphasis on holistic and natural health. He helped me feel comfortable with chiropractic care and helped resolve lingering issues from a vehicle accident.

Dr. Robert Allen reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I was involved in an auto accident and received care from Dr Nate. I really enjoyed the attention to detail and thoroughness involved in his care. He not only helped resolve the issues but helped create new habit patterns to reduce the likelihood of reoccurring issues. Thanks for getting me back on my feet!

Ben Graff  reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

I have recurring injury in my shoulder. One day I could nearly move it. After coming in to Living Well Family Chiropractic, I was able to get range of motion back quickly. A few days later, it’s still healing very well. Very positive experience!

 John Timm reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

 I share office building with Nate( I do Acupuncture) .I injured my lower back over the weekend while fly fishing. Difficult standing from a sitting position, Nate did a complete muscular testing both conventional and another modality called Applied Kinesiology. With those tests, Nate isolated the affected muscles and did the proper alignments. Still a little sore after the treatment, however the next day I awoke PAIN FREE, which is always good. Well Done Nate.

Dannie Bass reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

 Dr. Nate Moller, Chiropractor has help with my back and neck so much after a very recent car accident. I love how the office is in Battle Ground. They are great to work with your specific needs as well as convenient hours.

Lupita Rivera-Jones reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Love Dr. Nate… He is very gentle and knows what he is doing:) easy to get into for an appointment and a great atmosphere.

Garrett Dold reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

 I just got in a terrible accident, after seeing other chiropractors I wasn’t seeing relief but Dr. Nate set himself apart by limiting my recovery time. something that would take years to recover from took no time at all to start feeling relief. He is located off Main street in Battle ground Washington. Dr. Nate spent way more time with me then I was used to and seemed like he really cared about my health. He also found old sports injuries and started to resolve those to.

Jaylene Zumwalt reviewed Living Well Family Chiropractic — ★★★★★

Dr. Nate is the only chiropractor I’ve gone to that explained to me why I was having same reoccurring issue and goes extra mile to give me workouts and stretches to help benefit my health and reoccurring issue, deff recommended!!

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