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Pregnancy Chiropractic

“Can you get adjusted when pregnant?” Absolutely! It is especially important during pregnancy to make sure the pelvis & spine are in alignment! During pregnancy there are many endocrinological and physiological changes that occur to create the ideal environment for a developing baby.

The following changes can result in a misaligned spine:

– Postural adaptations
– Protruding abdomen and increased back curve
– Ligament looseness in the pelvis

As we explain to our patients, the pelvic alignment is closely related to baby position. When the pelvis is misaligned, abnormal torquing and tension are applied to uterus from the uterosacral & round ligaments attached to the pelvis, prompting baby to try to move to a more comfortable position. This misaligned pelvis may make it difficult for your baby to get into the best possible position for birth.

Breech and posterior positioned babies can interfere with having a natural and non-invasive birth and can lead to interventions such as a cesarean section.

When the spine is in proper alignment, this allows the nervous system, which is the master communication system to the whole body including the reproductive system, to work most effectively.

Pregnant moms love our office because we have a special table that is very easy to get on and off of and allows them to safely lay on their stomach without putting pressure on their baby!

For more details on Chiropractic AND pregnancy: Check out this great resource from MomlovesBest or look at their chart pictured below.


Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:
– Relieving back, neck or joint pain
– Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
– Reducing the time of labor and delivery
– Preventing a potential cesarean delivery

Combining chiropractic care with natural birthing and pre + post natal care is something we strongly recommend! We use gentle specific care utilizing many different techniques including the Webster Technique, activator & ArthroStim. For more information click here.


Most parents have no idea babies can and should have their spine checked so they have multiple questions. If you are anything like my wife and I, our baby’s health, safety, and wellness is of the utmost importance to us! That is why finding a chiropractor you can trust is very important.

One common question is “when can I get my child checked?”

We regularly check newborn infants – the reason being is this helps them recover from the birthing process trauma. If you watched your child’s birth, you know how much torque, pressure, and stress is placed on the child’s neck and spine when exiting the birth canal. This can cause misalignment of the spine and cranial bones causing pressure on baby’s nervous system.

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The ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) is one of the leaders in ground breaking studies on the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for children. Results are outstanding and show that chiropractic care is safe for children.

Even more significant is that parents reported three unexpected improvements with their child’s care:
– Improved immune system function
– Improved behavior and attitude
– Improved sleeping

You can read the press release and abstracts here

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Dr Nate is truly so knowledgeable about what is causing discomfort in the body, and he also very skilled at correcting those issues. The office environment is very welcoming and I leave every visit feeling much better than when I arrived!

    Erin Dill
    Erin Dill

    February 11, 2023

    I can't tell you how wonderful Dr. Nate was. I was always scared of going to a chiropractor so have lived with neck and back pain for many years from an auto accident. Dr. Nate wielded his magic and for the first time in many years my neck pain is gone and I can actually turn my neck to the right without pain. He has also helped my husband. My son-in-law gets all the credit for finding him. A former NFL player- he said that Dr. Nate was the best he'd ever been to. Thank You!!

      Teresa Buker
      Teresa Buker

      October 6, 2022

      Dr. Nate is incredible. This beautiful family owned place literally erased my pain. The depth of detail and care during my first visit was much appreciated, actual attention and concern from Dr. Nate let's you know right away that you aren't in for "just a neck crack", but instead in with a path to actual long term health. I'm sitting here writing this with my back and neck feeling better than they have in a long time.

        Alex Hymer
        Alex Hymer

        December 9, 2022

        As a physician I am very particular about who I will let adjust me. At our first meeting I was very impressed with Dr Moller. He took his time doing a thorough history and exam before he determined if he felt he could help me- and if he couldn’t he would not charge for the consultation ( the first time I ever encountered this approach)! Not only is he thorough but he is also a compassionate listener. His technique is excellent. I am well on my way to recovery. If you have any hesitancy about chiropractic treatment you should give Dr Moller a try. I have had multiple chiropractors in 35 years and he is the best I have ever seen!

          Anne Dubosky
          Anne Dubosky

          December 3, 2022

          Dr. Nate is not just an average Chiropractor. His knowledge of natural healing and nutrition sets him apart from previous Chiropractors I’ve worked with. When I first met Dr. Nate I could barely walk let alone run which is something I am passionate about. I’ve ran several 50 Mile Ultra Marathons and thought I may not get to do that again with how bad my back and hips were out. Dr.Nate and I worked thru my issues and got me back out running again! Dr. Nate’s energy is contagious and his knowledge is second to none!

            Chris Sandberg
            Chris Sandberg

            October 26, 2022

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            Frequently Asked Question

            If you’re visiting Living Well Family Chiropractic as a patient for the first time, plan to arrive 15 min early with your completed New Patient Intake paperwork. Dr. Nate will look at your health history and perform a comprehensive exam including orthopedic tests to determine exactly what is going on and he will explain chiropractic and its benefits for you. He will outline a treatment plan based on your individual findings which may include exercises, nutrition, or wellness care. After he has done a full evaluation and all your questions are answered, expect to get your first treatment right away!

            Every one is unique and different. Depending on your health history and the severity, a new problem or injury will typically take anywhere from 3-4 visits to correct. Recurring conditions and conditions present for greater than 3 months are typically more stubborn and difficult to manage. Resolution may take 12 or more visits. Because of this, when you have an injury or auto accident be sure to get in as soon as possible to speed your recovery. The sooner you take care of an injury, the faster your body can get back to health.  

            Length of treatment also depends on your goals and what you want to get out of Chiropractic.  Dr. Nate  will work with you to develop a plan specific to your needs, whether that is simply pain management or wellness care for a healthier you.