Welcoming Our New Chiropractic Doctor!

Welcoming Our New Chiropractic Doctor!

A BitterSweet Change…

It all happened about 4 months ago at 5:30am. I was downstairs doing my morning reading when I felt the nudge. “We need to move.” Honestly, it has been something I’ve been praying about for years but I haven’t wanted to leave the area. Why would I? All of my family, friends, practice, and amazing patients are here, so why move? It doesn’t make sense. But one thing I do know from years walking by faith and trusting God’s leading, is this is just one more step being faithful to where I feel God calling my family. 

My wife Emily, and I are both going to miss friends and family here terribly, and our two year old is going to deeply miss so many people she prays for each night, but we look forward to what God has in store for us with this move to the Lake Chelan area, about six hours northeast. That being said, I will still be practicing 1-2 days periodically when back in the Vancouver area but am at peace knowing I am transitioning my practice into great hands! With that, we are so exited to welcome our new Chiropractor!



Owner of Healthy Spine Chiropractic in down town Vancouver, Dr. Cece is a board-certified chiropractic physician specializing in craniosacral therapy, a technique we are so excited to have in the office! With Dr. Alexandra Demetro in the office, a naturopath and certified midwife, it was extremely important to me to find a chiropractor to fill the space  while providing care for all of our pregnant and pediatric patients. Craniosacral therapy is just one of the techniques that we have been wanting to make available for patients, and are so happy that Dr. Cece specialized in this. Upleadger Craniosacral technique promotes balance, neurological integrity, and integrated function of the neurological mechanism and organ structure. Dr. Cece is also certified in Graston technique which is an “evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that effectively addresses scar tissue, facial restrictions, and range of motion.” On top of this, she also offers cupping therapy for fascial and soft tissue restrictions.


Dr. Cece is passionate about working with kids! and pregnant mamas!

Treating patients from newborn to elderly, we trust Dr. Cece will be a perfect fit to care for our Living Well family in the Battle Ground office. We anticipate this transition will be encouraging for our patients to have access to Dr. Cece’s expertise and knowledge.

 She has completed hundreds of hours in the post graduate Diplomate program for International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA) making her an exceptional fit to care for our pediatric and pregnant patients.

Not only is Dr. Cece certified in the Webster technique, which is designed to optimize pelvic function and alignment throughout pregnancy, but she also offers a variety of other treatment methods. We could not be happier to welcome Dr. Cece into the clinic to support our incredible patients and give them fantastic care in the office using techniques like Diversified, Logan, SOT (sacro occipital technique), as well as Thompson technique.


In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her Husband Chris, son Cameron and their Bulldog Maggie. Together their favorite activities are kayaking, biking, hiking, camping, running and snorkeling whenever somewhere tropical!

We have been hoping and searching for just the right chiropractor to take my (Dr. Nate’s) daily role at the office and someone to care for our amazing patients who are like family. When Dr. Cece said she would be interested in the space, we knew there was no one better for this office. Dr. Cece and I graduated together at University of Western Sates Chiropractic and I definitely vouch for her not only being a great chiropractor, but also a physician who genuinely cares about her patients. Once you are seen by Dr. Cece, she will come up with an individualized plan, looking to fix the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Treating young and old alike, Dr. Cece is a great fit for our practice!

Dr. Cece will be transitioning her practice to our office at Natural Family Health Clinic starting Monday March 25, 2019. To schedule with her, call 360.798.5652 and request to be seen at our Battle Ground office!



We look forward to moving to our new home in the Chelan, WA area where I will be setting up practice with Dr. John Wall, DC., owner of North Cascades Family Chiropractic. Our new practice will have the same name (Living Well Family Chiropractic) and will continue to focus on Chiropractic and Nutritional care for our patients. I look forward to providing the Lake Chelan valley with Applied Kinesiology/muscle testing and Nutrition Response Testing. We look forward to being on the lake, getting involved in the Chelan community, renovating our new 1920 home, and planting a new backyard garden.

Emily and I plan on coming back to the Battle Ground area as often as possible to see friends and family. I will deeply miss seeing my regular patients, which is why I will be able to schedule appointments here in the Battle Ground office during the times I’m in the area visiting.

 For all my AK and nutrition patients, if you would like to be on the email list of when I will be here, please send us a message! Or if you’re on vacation in the Lake Chelan area, please feel free to stop by our space, located in downtown Chelan.. 

We will deeply miss our Battle Ground patients who are like family, as well as all of the amazing practitioners in the office, including Dr. Alexandra who has been such an amazing part of Emily’s and my life, as well as

Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement these past several years, we look forward with anticipation for what is to come with Living Well Family Chiropractic and our family in this new season of life, and look forward to staying in touch and seeing our Battle Ground patients when we are in the area!

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