Just get in an accident? Rest assured, we have your back!

After an auto accident is important to immediately get your spine and nervous system checked by a Chiropractor specializing in treating auto accident injuries. Even if it was just a “minor fender bender,” there is often underlying damage in the neck and back that doesn’t show up for weeks to months after.  

At our office in Chelan, Wa we take a thorough history and perform a very detailed evaluation of the nervous system, the muscles, and the spine. Dr. Nate specializes in specific muscle testing to evaluate each muscle to determine all areas of injury.

Our first goal is to quickly help patients get rid of their neck pain and back pain.  We do this by addressing the body and a whole looking at the structural, nutritional, and emotional aspects of the trauma.

— ★★★★★ I was involved in an auto accident and received care from Dr Nate. I really enjoyed the attention to detail and thoroughness involved in his care. He not only helped resolve the issues but helped create new habit patterns to reduce the likelihood of reoccurring issues. Thanks for getting me back on my feet!

We use a variety of different adjusting techniques ranging from manual adjusting to very gentle/low force adjusting (arthostim, activator, repertory adjustments) which allows Dr. Nate to treat minor and major accidents with precision and care


Auto accident insurance typically covers treatment. We will work directly with your insurance to make the process as stress free for you as possible!


— ★★★★★ I just got in a terrible accident, after seeing other chiropractors I wasn't seeing relief but Dr. Nate set himself apart by limiting my recovery time. something that would take years to recover from took no time at all to start feeling relief. He is located off Main street in Battle ground Washington. Dr. Nate spent way more time with me then I was used to and seemed like he really cared about my health. He also found old sports injuries and started to resolve those to.
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